Anatomy of a Reading Spell

I had the most beautiful but brief reading spell last month. While my menagerie of books gather dust, those few days were a reminder as to why to be able to read is central to my well-being.

Like a quick spell of summer rain that transforms a parched landscape, I caught up with a few days of magical reading. My vocabulary changed to match what I was reading, trying to keep pace with the author, with the place she was driving through and with the people she was meeting. I was an invisible observer, privy to her thoughts and feelings. I knew she was not infallible just as I knew she had strength that few others could see.

Like the rain, this too would dry up in a few days.

April 25 – 30, 2018. Eravikulam National Park.

  1. I was not in Bangalore

  • 2. I was in a place that hasn’t changed much in thousands of years

  • 3. There were mountains

  • 4. There was no contact with civilization – no internet, no phone

  • 5. There was crystal-clear water

  • 6. The nights were beautiful and cold

  • 7. I could walk to my heart’s content

  • 8. There were no roads, only cloud-kissed mountains & wind-swept grass

  • 9. My camp was built nearly a century ago

  • 10. I had a great book and the most amazing views

  • 11. There were peaceful neighbours

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